We have improved on the design of the SDJ-01 in every possible way. Improvements include:

  • climate control (heating + cooling modes)
  • USB port for charging mobile devices
  • larger pockets for smarphones/tablets
  • thinner, lighter, and quieter air amplifiers
  • light up, retro-style buttons
  • cleaner, streamlined jacket design
  • and more!


Near the neckline are two exhaust vents which allow an outlet for the circulating air, completing the air current and expediting the jacket’s drying. As a side effect of this, the vents also expel air which can cool/dry the wearer’s face and hair.

6000 mAh Battery With Mobile USB Charging

We have upgraded the battery! In addition to powering the jacket, the battery now comes with a
USB port to charge your smartphone or tablet. With 6000 mAh of juice at
your disposal, you won’t need a Mr. Fusion to keep you going.


The air amplifiers are capable of redirecting air with extreme high pressure and flow at rates equal to or surpassing commercially available hair dryers. We have made them thinner, quieter, and lighter, weighing about 3oz each. For comparison, an iPhone 6 weighs 4.55oz.

The air amplifiers function in the space between the jacket’s exterior and the inner lining. This serves to keep the high pressure air circulating in an enclosed space, maximizing the drying capability. This also ensures that the jacket dries from the inside out so the layers closest to your skin and clothes dry first.


Bold and retro style, these control the heat and air amplifiers. They also light up.


In lab tests, our jackets consistently experienced noticable drying effects after just 30 seconds, with the average time of about a minute to acheive 90% drying effect.

Think of how quickly your clothes dry when you turn a standard fan on them. Now imagine how quickly breathable, water resistant material driesĀ  when exposed to concentrated, high-pressure air.

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