Best High-Speed Internet Routers for Online Gaming

Best High-Speed Internet Routers for Online Gaming

The router may not be as flashy or cold as a headset or gaming chair, but it’s still an essential tool in your arsenal. Choosing the wrong router for your needs could lead to delays, frustrations, and many head-butt sessions between your forehead and your computer desk. We are sure this is not what you want. Nothing is worse than a bad internet connection. If you are here, which means you are looking for a good router.

So for your convenience, and the sake of your sanity, we’ve scoured the internet to find the best high-speed Internet routers for Online gaming. Different gaming consoles get along with varying configurations of the router. If you own consoles like PS4, then you might be interested in checking out recommended routers for PS4. These gaming routers have been handpicked for their great performance and competitive prices.

So even if your budget is tight or you have some cash to spend, we are sure that you will find something here that will allow you to optimize your performance on the digital playground. Trust us when we suggest, because it will be worth to have it.

Best High-Speed Internet Routers for Online Gaming

1.Nighthawk AC1900

The Nighthawk AC1900 is our first pick. This router looks extremely cool and futuristic, which delivers some of the highest speeds and performance of any devices, as per our testing. With this AC1900, you will be able to crush your competition and win more games easily, and by doing so, you can show some interesting scenarios for your friends and family.

One thing we adore about this device is, among the routers we reviewed, it has the ability to control your home network using voice commands. It raised all kinds of mischievous ideas, but it doesn’t respond well to swear words and bad words. However, the router allows you to switch between the different wireless options without touching the router’s firmware.

The brain of the AC1900 is a 1 GHz dual-core processor that supports a speed of 600 + 1300Mbps. You’ll have more power than you need to share your favorite files with friends and family, without the bottlenecks and delays that other routers suffer from.

What’s cool about the AC1900 is, you can easily set it up, without any annoying manuals or menus to figure out. You can even do the configuration of this router using your mobile device through the Netgear’s Up app, which is fantastic! There are many other traits of the AC1900, which can be seen on the router’s product page on Amazon.

2. D-Link AC3200

If you thought Netgear’s AC1900 was cool, then you will be surprised by the AC3200. With this router, you are bringing out this bad boy when you won’t settle for the best in WoFi connectivity and aesthetic design. This router appearance looks like a spaceship, and it works like one.

Superfast broadband connectivity will end arguments within the home over who is hogging the connection once and for all. All your roommates will be able to enjoy 4K HD video and online games simultaneously with its data streams and six high-performance antennas.

Under the hood of the router, you will find a 1GHz dual-core processor to support its blazingly fas speeds. This powerful processor is the most needed for all the added benefits it offers, like the Smart Connect feature that allocates the best possible bandwidth for maximum wifi performance. Like any best router, the AC3200 also comes with QoS traffic optimization and advanced security features that support WPA / WPA2 encryption for more secure home networks.


We wouldn’t want to look like your mom, but it might be seen as a more reasonable option than the last two routers we reviewed. Simple, affordable, robust. These are the words that describe the ASUS RT-AC66U. What we admire the most about this router is that although it has a classic design, it still has enough performance under the hood to be recommended to anyone who wants to rip it up online.

It also has a range of convenient functions such as simultaneous dual-band transmission. Also has a host of ethernet ports for faster and more reliable internet performance. Along with being a reliable router for your entire household, it also comes with a wireless data storage option, that allows access to USB storage devices connected to the router.

You can share your favorite photos and screenshots of your wins right from your router if your other hardware supports it. You also get extended wireless coverage thanks to its three detachable high-power antennas, which means every corner of your home is pleasantly taken care of, leaving no blind spots.


We have suggested you with three best high-speed Internet routers for online gaming. Having multiple connections to the router can also slow down the speed. Getting dual-band wifi might be a good solution to your problems. Make sure to educate yourself to make sure you get this essential feature because you don’t want a router that comes without it.

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