How to download and install Earthbound ROM on your PC


EarthBound is a classic retro game and for those who are so awaited to play such classic games. With the help of Emulators, we can re-create our memorable childhood. This would be one of the most funfilled and exciting RPG that you have ever played.

Earthbound is familiar with the game series “Mother”. It consists of three role-playing video games as listed below: Mother, Mother 2, Mother 3. Here we are going to show you how to download and install Earthbound ROM on your PC easily.

How to Install EarthBound ROM?

The emulator is built on different platforms, but one common thing is that they let you load ROMs. Here we show you the installation using SNES.

Download link:

You just need to download the emulator files from the given link above, it is available in zip file format. Unzip and double click the .exe file. AN empty black screen will open if you have installed the emulator successfully.

How to Load ROM’s?

  • Download the Earthbound ROM.
  • Go to the emulator, click on the File > Open and Browse for the ROM file.
  • Now the ROM starts running immediately.
  • Now the emulators will allow you to use external input.
  • You can also configure your own gaming console controls.

Short Game-play:

When Ness and his enemy run into each other’s head, Normal battle occurs. When Ness is behind an enemy- the enemies get a preemptive strike. The best part is, when the Ness party grows stronger- battles do not take place.


That’s how you can install the Earthbound ROM easily and if you face any problems from the above steps, feel free to let us know in the comment section.