How to use Product List Genie – Updated guide 2019

If you asked a drop shipper what superpower they would like to have, I bet 90 percent of them would want to identify best-selling products before anyone else does.
You see, the success of any dropshipping enterprise lies in the products you sell. Granted, there are other aspects of dropshipping but the main factor for success is in what you sell.

In recent years, the market has seen an influx of E-Commerce Spy Tools created to identify winning products. They are expensive too!
It is our job to review these Spy Tools so you can have a clear picture of whether or not they are worth it.
Today we’ll review Product List Genie.

What is Product List Genie

Product List Genie is a software developed by Giancarlo Barraza. You may have heard of “Coach Giani” from the hundreds of dropshipping training webinars he does.
Giancarlo Barraza created Product List Genie as a super easy way to set up an e-commerce business. After all his mantra goes…
“Setup e-commerce business in 5 days”

Product List Genie populates all the hot trending products plus the back-end details like Keywords, URLs, and product descriptions. All you need to do is export the product to your e-commerce store and automatically start selling.
To get a true picture of what Product List Genie has to offer, here are its best features

Product List Genie Features

1. Winners

Product List Genie updates hot products constantly. Right from the Dashboard, you can see all the hot products.
With these products, you can Push to Store which is a fast and easy way to get the product into your e-commerce store.
Alternatively, you can Export to Fb Ads which takes the product straight to Facebook.

Behind each product, there are details like Ad Copy Text which is already crafted for you. You can edit if you wish.
There are also other details including product descriptions, images, store description, campaign objectives, target audience, and demographics among others.
All these details help you understand the product and the audience you are targeting.

2. Google Ready Icon

Product List Genie is perhaps the only Spy Tool with this feature. The Google Ready Icon appears at the top of a select number of products.
It indicates that this product is primed and ready to be exported to Google Ads. Back-end details include Keywords, Product Description, Links, Maximum CPC, and Campaign Name. You can even Preview the Ad before going Live and edit areas that don’t look right.
Afterward, you can download the entire Ad into a CSV File and import it to your e-commerce store.

3. How to Videos

Product List Genie is educative at the core. Giancarlo made millions teaching people how to dominate in dropshipping. So, of course, it makes sense that Product List Genie has loads of “How to” videos.
Beware though that these videos are part of an upsell. If you need to watch them try YouTube. There are lots of similar videos there for free.

Product List Genie Pricing

Product List Genie offers two subscription packages
• The Basic Package
This goes for $67 monthly
• The Pro Package
This package is $99 per month.
You can take advantage of their 7-day Free Trial. However, you have to be prepared for the tsunami of upsells.

There is also a 30-day money back guarantee policy. Once you subscribe and aren’t 100% satisfied with Product List Genie, cancel your subscription and receive your subscription money back. Ensure you do so before the 30 days are over.


• Hot products updated daily
• Detailed back-end information
• Offers a US warehouse
• Features high-ticket items


• Expensive
• Lots of upsells
• The prices offered for the products are terrible

Final Thoughts

Product List Genie is a great resource to have especially if you are a beginner. Our recommendation is that you try out the product and determine for yourself if it’s worth it.


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