How to Install PPSSPP Gold App and Play PSP Games on Android


PPSSPP is a highly functional PSP prototype that you can use on your Android device. Remember that you must have a newer version of the device. Older devices may be slow to operate properly. If Custom Framework is installed on your PSP, you can copy your own PSP disk to your Android device.

Part 1: Install PPSSPP

  1.  Open the Google Play Store.  Download PPSSPP from the Google Play Store. You do not need additional files or applications (except for games).
  2. Look for “PPSSPP” in the store. 
  3. Select the “PPSSPP” option. “PPSSpp Gold” is a new application, but its operation is similar to that of Standard Edition. To see if it works on your device, start by downloading the free version, then purchase a gold version.
  4. Download and install the emulator. This is only for you to play the game files. You do not need to download the BIOS file.

Part 2: Get the game files

  1. Download ISO or CSO game files from various online sources: If you do not like your own game, if your PSP requires the installation of custom software, you can download ISO files online from different torrent sites. It is illegal to download games that are not owned by the company. Download it at your own risk Search your favorite torrent site for the game you want to download. The game can come in CSO format, which is a compressed ISO file. CSO and ISO files work with PPSSPP. By using these computers, we can easily download these games and transfer them to your Android device. If you want to play PPSSPP, download the game and continue to the next section. If you want to learn how to legally fill your own game files.
  2. Install custom software on your PSP if you want to save your own game files: By installing Custom Formwork on your PSP, you can create ISO files for all UMD or downloaded games. Installing custom software is a complex process. The process is described below, but you can see how the PlayStation’s portable hack provides detailed instructions.
    1. Update your PSP to version 6.60.
    2. Download PRO-C Fix3 on your computer. This is a custom program for PSP.
    3. Copy the downloaded folders to the GAME folder of your PSP USB drive.
    4. To install a custom firmware, run “Pro Refresh” in the menu of your PSP game.
    5. Enable “CIPL_Flasher” to create a custom permanent permanence. This will help you restart.
  3. Insert UMD to register on your PSP: Any UMD disk can be converted to an ISO file, which can be copied to your device and run on the PPSSPP.
  4.  Press the Select button in the main menu of the PSP. This special VSH PRO opens the custom menu.
  5. Select the “USB Device” option and switch to “UMD Disk”. When connecting a PSP to your computer, the disk in your memory will appear on your computer.
  6. Connect the PSP to your computer. Use the USB cable with the PSP to connect them.
  7. Open the “Settings” menu in the main menu of the PSP and select “Main USB Connection”. Your PSP will be connected to your computer. Usually, the right folder opens automatically. If this does not happen, select the computer driver / open this PC and the error letters and numbers.
  8. Click and drag the ISO file from your computer to your computer. It may take a few minutes to copy the file. There is now a complete copy of the UMD as an ISO file on your computer.

Part 3: Play a game

  1. Connect your Android device to your computer. You need to transfer your PSP ISO files to your Android device.
  2. Open your Android on your computer. You will find your computer running Android / this PC window.
  3. Create a folder called “PSP” and create a subfolder named “GAME”. This will be the same folder as your PSP.
  4. Copy your ISO files to your Android GAME folder. The copying process will take a while.
  5. Connect your Android to your computer. You can copy the ISO file to the PSP /GAME/folder and disconnect Android from your computer.
  6. PPSSPP lunch. You will be welcome in the main menu of PPSSPP.
  7. Click “PSP” to see your ISO files, then press “GAME”. All the files of the game are listed here.
  8. Everything is done now. Tap any game to start it. The game will get loaded and if your device is compatible enough it will start.

If the game fails to load, it might be due to two main possibilities: eithethe gameme is not supported by PPSSPP, or youdevicece is not compatible enough.


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