How to Solve Openload Pair Error pop up in Kodi

If you are a frequent user fo Kodi then, you might be familiar with the stream authentication errors. If you can’t recognize the name, don’t worry. It has got lots of names like “Openload Kodi Error”, “Olpair Kodi Error”. It’s an annoying pop up which shows up when you’re interested in watching your favorite movie. Thank God … I have found a way to get rid of it so that My Streaming entertainment is not very far from me.

This would be the most-received stream authentication error, which displays the pop-up message “OpenLoad Stream Authentication Failed”. The main reason for this error is that your IP address is not allowed with the streaming provider. There are several ways to fix this bug. Now let’s see how the olpair index error is corrected in 2 minutes. you can find a lot of olpair Kodi error fix guide on the internet. But trying all those things will consume your valuable time.  In this article, we specify two methods to Solve Openload Pair Error or obtain approval and these two methods are tested and are working perfectly. It’s time to break some ice instead of remotes !!

Method 1: IP Commissioning with Allier Server

One of the methods is to make your IP address authorized. But the streaming only lasts 4 hours and you have to do the same thing again. Follow the instructions below to approve your IP.

  1. Go to the URL in your browser. If you use a file in Firestick, you can use the Firefox browser or the silk browser.
  2. You can now see your real IP address with captcha verification.
  3. Now, prove that you are a frustrated person and eager to watch the movie by resolving the captcha.
  4. After resolving the Captcha, select pair.
  5. Once everything is done correctly,  pairing successful message will appear.
  6. Turn off your browser and stream any Kodi content. You can stream any content for 4 hours.

Compared to the other methods, we strongly recommend this method. Although you can only access 4 hours, there is a way to extend it. You can use a virtual private network to hide your original IP address. Thus, during insertion, a hidden IP address will be added to the download server. There are more than 10 IP addresses in a VPN. After 24 hours, the whitelist used. Ready to be reused This is one of my personal activities. I use geo-controlled content with VPN and I have an anonymous online activity.

Method 2: Remove the hosters with Captcha

In this way, we remove these annoying flows with one click. This method is suitable for those who use very small drinkers. By disabling these hosts, our feeds will be filtered and “ready to play”. Follow the instructions below to do magic.

  1. Right-click on the addon displaying an Olpair error.
  2. Click Settings on the menu.
  3. Select Playback from the left side panel.
  4. To disable the host with Captcha in the right-hand menu, click the  Hosters Captcha toggle switch.

In this way, you block the providers requesting verification. We recommend the first method. By following this method, the number of available streams is reduced. So make the opportunity to find a good flow. You must follow these instructions for each addon to remove hosts with captcha. Of course, it takes a lot of time.


These are ways to Solve Openload Pair Error. It’s up to the ideology the Prevention is better than cure. “We strongly recommend the processing method (IP authorization method). We believe that if a server is secure or authenticated, it will protect its content. Pain and simple If you have problems, try these methods and we will be happy to solve your problems.

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